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Catholic Church ‘Desperate’ on Marriage Equality

by Terry Fitzpatrick

Catholic Church ‘Desperate After Handing Out Anti-Gay Marriage Booklets to Children’:  A Brisbane priest has condemned those in the Catholic church hierarchy responsible for the anti same-sex marriage booklets distributed to school children in recent weeks as “desperate” and “worried that they are on the losing side”. Recent efforts by some Catholic dioceses to distribute anti-marriage equality booklets […]

Neoliberal economics can’t care for the disadvantaged

by Terry Fitzpatrick

    Neoliberal economics can’t care for the disadvantaged Paul Jensen |  21 May 2015 My underlying concern about the recent Federal Budget and the major parties’ economic and fiscal policies is with neoliberalism. This includes privatisation, free trade, open markets, deregulation, and reduction in government spending i order to aid the private sector. We find […]