Homilies from March 2013

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Immortal Diamond

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In Richard Rohr’s marvelous book, “IMMORTAL DIAMOND, the Search for our true self” (Richard for those who may not know is a Franciscan priest and author of many books). He tells a story about a young couple putting their newborn in the nursery for the night. Their four year old son said to them “I […]

Knowing God as a living reality

            Peter  Breen was a Wesleyan Methodist minister for 20 years – 11 years in Bundaberg, 7 years at Everton Hills and 2 years in Melbourne. He is the co-founder and Director of Jugglers Art Space in the Valley, Brisbane. Peter usually attends the 5 o’clock liturgy with his wife […]

Two Brothers, And A Story With No Ending

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About Rex Hunt Rex a retired minister of the Uniting Church in Victoria, Tasmania, NSW, and the ACT, was the principal author/editor of The Canberra Affirmation, editor of New Green Shoots and Other Story Sermons, author of Against the Stream: Progressive Christianity between Pulpit and Pew, and with John W Smith, editors of Why Weren’t We […]

The Oneness Of All

  One of the things I love about our St Mary’s liturgy is how the theme of “oneness of all” flows through the prayers and songs.  I find the words of the songs echo through my mind and spirit throughout the week. A few weeks ago, I had an experienced that clarified for me the […]