Homilies from April 2013

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Afghan Women and Amnesty’s Response

Afghanistan is a landlocked country of rugged mountainous beauty, with bitterly cold winters, and blisteringly hot summers. A land with a rich history of poetry (writing poems is considered the province of every person, not an elite group) and a rich and diverse music tradition due to being situated at the confluence of many trade routes. Some Afghan […]

Where is God in Suffering?

For just a moment, can you imagine Philip saying to Jesus: ‘hey listen mate, show us the Father, and we’re all gonna be satisfied’.  You see, Jesus has been talking about his Father so much that a little bit of impatience is setting in.  But what a response he gets ‘Whoever has seen me has […]

From Meditation to Spirituality

My name is Brian O’Hanlon, and Angela, my wife and I coordinate the St Mary’s ‘Understanding Meditation gatherings’. In recent homilies there has been the theme of connecting to the true self/real self, the ‘I am’. This homily continues that theme. In this homily I am going to explore the experience of meditation towards the knowing of spirituality- […]