Homilies from May 2013

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Waking to God

s Anthony de Mello says: ‘Religion is not necessarily connected to spirituality.’ Yet, is one’s own conflict with religion the catalyst for spiritual growth? Early this year, the Sydney Morning Herald reported a study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry found:  ‘People who are spiritual are more likely than atheists or those who are […]

The True Self

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“Anything less than the death of the False self is useless religion. The False Self must die for the True Self to live or, as Jesus himself puts it,” Unless the I go, the Spirit cannot come” (John 16;7) Richard Rohr There were two monks living about 100 years ago. Everywhere they went they saw people […]

Aboriginal education

I pay my respects to Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders, our First Nations People. Specifically I remember Queensland Elders, including Sam Watson and thank him for his support in my sharing with you today. On this Mothers’ Day, we also honour the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander mothers and grandmothers, many of whom continue to […]

Hope and leadership

When I say the words hope, inspire, lead I wonder who or what you think of? Hi everyone, my name is Loretta Crombie and I was first introduced to St Mary’s when my parents became part of the congregation in 1998. Since then, I have had exposure to a variety of intellectually stimulating debates and […]