Homilies from August 2013

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Meeting the Spiritual Needs of People

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Bob Aldred tells his life experience and how how we can meet the spiritual needs of each other. Not everything is as we assume, or as we perceive it. As a young Minister in my first church, one elderly lady parishioner was going on holidays, and as is expected of Ministers, she put it on […]

Mystical Moments

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Today I want to say a few words about the mystery, awe and wonder of the mystical. Often a neglected part of Christian life, mysticism can be an amazing way to experience the Divine in the deepest part of our being. This can happen anywhere, at any time. In fact, both Scripture readings reveal the […]

Being Mindful of the Refugee Situation

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Then Jesus said to them, “Watch, and be on your guard against avarice of any kind, for people’s lives are not made secure by what they own, even when they have more than they need.” We all need to hear this again and again particularly those in rich countries like Australia, both as individuals and […]