Homilies from November 2015

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“Peeling Onions” or “The Problems Progressives Have With Prayer”


St Mary’s in Exile has given us the freedom to exercise intellectual integrity. To bring under the microscope all that we have been taught about God, life and death. In doing so we have peeled the onion of doctrine and theology, discarding the personal and interventionist God, the historical Jesus, the authority of a literal Bible, and the many rules and rituals imposed by the church. This approach was to lead us to a knew paradigm, we thought! But has it? Peeling away this onion, eventually may lead to nothing in which to believe.

Love can conquer separateness


My friends, like all of you I was horrified and sickened by the recent events in Paris last weekend. Like many, we wondered why the world is such a violent brutal place, seemingly devoid of love and compassion.  Mankind, it appears, has not learned much over the past 2 millennia. The world is broken. Only […]