Homilies from April 2016

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A Betrayed Earth still serves us


  Tonight we celebrate the great act of love and teaching of Jesus. He knows his time is nearing an end. Time is precious. There is a need to dramatize and get the message home more clearly than he has ever attempted on previous occasions. He decides to do something counter-cultural and radical. As Master […]

A Crucified Earth is not a Good Friday


In our first reading from the Pope’s Encyclical letter ‘Laudato Si ‘ (On Care For Our Home) the Pope does what the mystical saint St Francis, (the name which the present Pope took for his Pontificate,) did many years ago. He personified the Earth, called her sister and mother, he described how we have plundered […]

Easter Reflection


The model I prefer is one which is well backed in scripture whereby God is, is all there is, I AM. If that’s the case, we are not separate creatures but inherently Divine and one with the One. We can’t be anything else because God is all there is.

Is Donald Trump a Christian? Was the Pope Wrong?


What does it mean to be Christian? The answer to this question has many implications. It determines what we teach our children and grandchildren about faith, religion, relationships, work, investment, and facing life’s challenges generally.