Homilies from June 2016

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On Moral Leadership


A young man, alarmed by the dire environmental catastrophes facing the humanity, decided the solution was better scientific information to guide government, industry and community decisions. But after 30 years as a scientist, he realised the problem wasn’t lack of scientific information, but greed and apathy. He says this requires ‘cultural and spiritual transformation’ which is beyond science. This idea, which I term moral leadership, resonated with me, an environmental policy adviser for 25 years

Common Wealth – or Not? – A reflection on the current election


Readings: Marcus Borg, “The Heart of the Matter”, p. 201 (“About a hundred years ago….and victimized by systems”) Leviticus 25 v 8-13 Luke 4 v.16-20 Text : “We are all responsible. We have drunk in the excess and indulged in the comfort…The seriousness of the condition into which we have been cast demands that we […]

Hallelujah I’m an Artist, Hallelujah I’m a Bum


Once upon a time, we didn’t call art, art. There was no need to name it. The creation and passing down of stories through dance, singing and painting was as natural and vital a part of life as eating. Art was interwoven into the tapestry of community life and therefore indistinguishable from it. It was also the time when art was at its most authentic.

Over time, we unraveled art (as we did many other things) from its community context. We gave it a name. We called it Art. Then we began to break art down into smaller bits. We broke it into periods. We had classical art, renaissance art, neoclassical, romantic, modern, contemporary, postmodern, post postmodern & so on. Then we broke the periods into literally scores of movements—baroque, rococo, expressionist, impressionist, cubist, pop and so on ad infinitum. As each art product became increasingly distinguishable, it also became increasingly disconnected from its authentic community origins and values.

Sanctuary; A compassionate illegal response.


I am not sure how many of you would remember your first brush with the law. Or if any at all. I remember mine. I was about four and half years old and I had a cheeky mate Jimmy who was of the same age and of Greek origin, who lived next door. We shared […]