Homilies from August 2016

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Last week I had the good fortune of being able to get away for a retreat. On the retreat of the many stories that the teachers related one that stays with me is about the cartoon character HAGAR THE HORRIBLE. Remember when we had newspapers, or people used to buy them, HAGAR THE HORRIBLE was […]

Heather Jan Easton


Hello everyone; the homily today is for my sister, Heather Jan Easton and the repercussions her death has had on my family for the past forty-two years. It was 10 December 1974 when Heather fell to her death from a rock massif in Lamington National Park called “Lost World”. It gets this name because the […]

Refugees and our responsibility as a nation


When introducing last year’s Australian Bishops’ social justice statement, Bishop Vincent Long, himself a refugee, and a boat person, wrote: Australia rose to the challenge in the past with its generous embrace of migrants and refugees. It proved itself especially courageous during the Indochinese exodus and accepted an unprecedented number of Asian refugees … .We […]

A Community with a Plurality of Beliefs


‘I found within my narrative interviews with parishioners that there is such a vast plurality of beliefs within the community that the uniting factor is practice (what you do is more important than what you believe)’  Jessica Garrahy