Homilies from November 2016

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Burning Hearts Burn Beyond


Earlier in our gospel of Matthew (14:14) Jesus on seeing a great multitude was moved with compassion, so much so that he heal their sick and then fed the multitude bread and fish as a response to their suffering. Buddha, approximately two and a half thousand years ago, said, I teach suffering, its origin, cessation […]



  First thing that hits me Arriving back at Brisbane airport Is how clean the air is How quiet the street How blue the sky How clean the surrounds It’s as if I’ve been living under a veil all these years in clean Australia   “I wake suddenly and reach for my phone to check […]

Radical Acceptance


Today I’ve chosen to speak about Radical Acceptance. Letting go into life. In order to illustrate this I would like to share a little about two men. The first one, Terry O’Dea, a long term member of our community who died last week, and a man called Jacob. Terry was a great teller and sharer […]