Homilies by Peter Breen

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    Hello. How are you? Thank you for the honor of delivering this talk, this homily, or as they say where I came from, this sermon. I give you permission to raise your hand or leave if this feels like a sermon! I am the Director/Co-Founder of Jugglers Art Space Inc in the Valley […]

The Impact of Water


HOMILY April 18, 2015 The Impact of Water John 4:1-15 Amos 5 : 10-15, 21 – 24 I wonder if I could have a glass of water please? How long did that take, how far did someone have to go and how good is it? We do not have water scarcity here in Brisbane in […]

Knowing God as a living reality

            Peter  Breen was a Wesleyan Methodist minister for 20 years – 11 years in Bundaberg, 7 years at Everton Hills and 2 years in Melbourne. He is the co-founder and Director of Jugglers Art Space in the Valley, Brisbane. Peter usually attends the 5 o’clock liturgy with his wife […]