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Meeting the Spiritual Needs of People

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Bob Aldred tells his life experience and how how we can meet the spiritual needs of each other. Not everything is as we assume, or as we perceive it. As a young Minister in my first church, one elderly lady parishioner was going on holidays, and as is expected of Ministers, she put it on […]

Remembering with Hope

Let me tell you a story by Mulla Nasruddin a 13th cent visionary Sufi and mystic jester from Akshehir in Turkey. His teaching stories reveal the paradoxes of conditioned living with humor. THE ROYAL PIGEON Mulla Nasruddin became prime minister to the king. Once while he wandered through the palace, he saw a royal falcon. […]

Where is God in Suffering?

For just a moment, can you imagine Philip saying to Jesus: ‘hey listen mate, show us the Father, and we’re all gonna be satisfied’.  You see, Jesus has been talking about his Father so much that a little bit of impatience is setting in.  But what a response he gets ‘Whoever has seen me has […]

Two Brothers, And A Story With No Ending

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About Rex Hunt Rex a retired minister of the Uniting Church in Victoria, Tasmania, NSW, and the ACT, was the principal author/editor of The Canberra Affirmation, editor of New Green Shoots and Other Story Sermons, author of Against the Stream: Progressive Christianity between Pulpit and Pew, and with John W Smith, editors of Why Weren’t We […]