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Falling Upward

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In the days when churches were left open all day and half the night, an old man could be seen sitting right at the back of an old church in the corner, in semi-darkness. As the priest would be in and out of the church several times a day, he would often see this old […]

The True Self

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“Anything less than the death of the False self is useless religion. The False Self must die for the True Self to live or, as Jesus himself puts it,” Unless the I go, the Spirit cannot come” (John 16;7) Richard Rohr There were two monks living about 100 years ago. Everywhere they went they saw people […]

Where is God in Suffering?

For just a moment, can you imagine Philip saying to Jesus: ‘hey listen mate, show us the Father, and we’re all gonna be satisfied’.  You see, Jesus has been talking about his Father so much that a little bit of impatience is setting in.  But what a response he gets ‘Whoever has seen me has […]

Immortal Diamond

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In Richard Rohr’s marvelous book, “IMMORTAL DIAMOND, the Search for our true self” (Richard for those who may not know is a Franciscan priest and author of many books). He tells a story about a young couple putting their newborn in the nursery for the night. Their four year old son said to them “I […]

Knowing God as a living reality

            Peter  Breen was a Wesleyan Methodist minister for 20 years – 11 years in Bundaberg, 7 years at Everton Hills and 2 years in Melbourne. He is the co-founder and Director of Jugglers Art Space in the Valley, Brisbane. Peter usually attends the 5 o’clock liturgy with his wife […]

Two Brothers, And A Story With No Ending

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About Rex Hunt Rex a retired minister of the Uniting Church in Victoria, Tasmania, NSW, and the ACT, was the principal author/editor of The Canberra Affirmation, editor of New Green Shoots and Other Story Sermons, author of Against the Stream: Progressive Christianity between Pulpit and Pew, and with John W Smith, editors of Why Weren’t We […]


TRANSFIGURATION HOMILY (Luke 9, 28-36) Jesus’ disciples frequently fail to understand what Jesus was on about.  They get it so wrong at times.  Peter in particular tends to put his foot in it and I suspect James only understood what following Jesus meant when he was executed in Jerusalem some 11 years later. Together with […]

Changing the things we cannot accept

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When I was first ordained (not so long ago, at least in my mind) I was sent to the small town of Goondiwindi on the border of Queensland and New South Wales, about a 4 ½ hour drive south west of Brisbane. For many years it was a town famous for sheep and wheat and […]