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Falling Upward

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In the days when churches were left open all day and half the night, an old man could be seen sitting right at the back of an old church in the corner, in semi-darkness. As the priest would be in and out of the church several times a day, he would often see this old […]

What’s in a Name?

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“Wot’s in a name she says And then she sighs And clasps her little hands A rose, she says, by any other name Would smell the same Wot’s in a name she says??”From The Sentimental Bloke by C.J. Dennis Is it time for us at “St Mary’s in Exile” to change our name to something […]

The Oneness Of All

  One of the things I love about our St Mary’s liturgy is how the theme of “oneness of all” flows through the prayers and songs.  I find the words of the songs echo through my mind and spirit throughout the week. A few weeks ago, I had an experienced that clarified for me the […]