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We Borrow the Land From Our Children

Des Boyland and Kathleen Ellerman-Bull link the gospel reading to stewardship and spirituality which includes our environment and national parks. Des Boyland, a botanist and ex Executive Director (Conservation), Queensland Environmental Protection Agency, actively lobbies for enhanced environmental management through Wildlife Queensland and serves on various Ministerial Advisory Committees. Kathleen Ellerman-Bull came from a large, extended […]

Remembering with Hope

Let me tell you a story by Mulla Nasruddin a 13th cent visionary Sufi and mystic jester from Akshehir in Turkey. His teaching stories reveal the paradoxes of conditioned living with humor. THE ROYAL PIGEON Mulla Nasruddin became prime minister to the king. Once while he wandered through the palace, he saw a royal falcon. […]

Aboriginal education

I pay my respects to Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders, our First Nations People. Specifically I remember Queensland Elders, including Sam Watson and thank him for his support in my sharing with you today. On this Mothers’ Day, we also honour the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander mothers and grandmothers, many of whom continue to […]

Hope and leadership

When I say the words hope, inspire, lead I wonder who or what you think of? Hi everyone, my name is Loretta Crombie and I was first introduced to St Mary’s when my parents became part of the congregation in 1998. Since then, I have had exposure to a variety of intellectually stimulating debates and […]

Afghan Women and Amnesty’s Response

Afghanistan is a landlocked country of rugged mountainous beauty, with bitterly cold winters, and blisteringly hot summers. A land with a rich history of poetry (writing poems is considered the province of every person, not an elite group) and a rich and diverse music tradition due to being situated at the confluence of many trade routes. Some Afghan […]

Changing the things we cannot accept

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When I was first ordained (not so long ago, at least in my mind) I was sent to the small town of Goondiwindi on the border of Queensland and New South Wales, about a 4 ½ hour drive south west of Brisbane. For many years it was a town famous for sheep and wheat and […]