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We Borrow the Land From Our Children

Des Boyland and Kathleen Ellerman-Bull link the gospel reading to stewardship and spirituality which includes our environment and national parks. Des Boyland, a botanist and ex Executive Director (Conservation), Queensland Environmental Protection Agency, actively lobbies for enhanced environmental management through Wildlife Queensland and serves on various Ministerial Advisory Committees. Kathleen Ellerman-Bull came from a large, extended […]

Waking to God

s Anthony de Mello says: ‘Religion is not necessarily connected to spirituality.’ Yet, is one’s own conflict with religion the catalyst for spiritual growth? Early this year, the Sydney Morning Herald reported a study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry found:  ‘People who are spiritual are more likely than atheists or those who are […]


TRANSFIGURATION HOMILY (Luke 9, 28-36) Jesus’ disciples frequently fail to understand what Jesus was on about.  They get it so wrong at times.  Peter in particular tends to put his foot in it and I suspect James only understood what following Jesus meant when he was executed in Jerusalem some 11 years later. Together with […]

Changing the things we cannot accept

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When I was first ordained (not so long ago, at least in my mind) I was sent to the small town of Goondiwindi on the border of Queensland and New South Wales, about a 4 ½ hour drive south west of Brisbane. For many years it was a town famous for sheep and wheat and […]