Friday, April 24th

Anzac Weekend Liturgy

By St Mary's in Exile

This week the Homily draws a parallel between the remembering of ANZAC Day and this Easter season where the disciples on the road to Emmaus seemed so wrapped up in their own questions and confusion that they did not "see" the One whose loss they grieved. Rather than impose himself on his friends, Jesus respects their experience and lets them open their eyes and see Jesus for themselves.

Zoom to Coffee

Success! All three Zoom get togethers went well last Sunday and the participants reported they really enjoyed seeing and speaking together.  

Marg has ‘scheduled’ her meeting for Sunday morning . Her group should keep the invitation email in a safe place and each week click on the link at about 10.45 to join the meeting.  The other group hosts will tell their folk how they will access the meeting.  If you would like to join one of the groups email Marg and she will add you to the list –   

Take a photo 

Get someone to take a photo or take a selfie of your participation in our liturgy, email it to and we will put some in our bulletins each week.