Social Justice

Micah Projects is a social justice initiative in collaboration with St Mary’s In Exile community, South Brisbane. Micah Projects Inc mission is to respond to people who experience exclusion, poverty, injustice and social isolation so that they may experience inclusion, economic well being, justice and connection within their community of choice. Our hope is to create justice and respond to injustice at the personal, social and structural levels in church and society. We seek to work collaboratively and respectfully with the indigenous community. We embrace our responsibility to redress the dispossession of indigenous people from their land. Click to find out more about Micah Projects

Hope Street Cafes

Micah Projects’ social enterprise Hope Street Café seeks to address the need for flexible frontline services which provide practical solutions for people with significant barriers to employment. By providing qualified hospitality training and supported employment pathways we can assist people from diverse backgrounds facing challenges for inclusion and economic participation.

Both the Hope Street Cafe and Hope on Boundary Cafe are not-for-profit, providing great value, healthy and easy breakfast and lunch options. We also host fab functions and offer a catering service.

Hope on Boundary Cafe is located at 179 Boundary Street, West End and the Hope Street Cafe is on the ground floor of Common Ground at 15 Hope Street, South Brisbane 

Micah Christmas Hampers

With the support of our community, Micah Projects has been delivering Christmas Hampers for families across Brisbane on Christmas Eve since 1996! Every year we organise, pack and deliver hundreds of food and fresh fruit hampers for the individuals and families we support. Click here to find out how you can get involved and help out next year Micah Projects 

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