About Us

Guiding Principles

St Mary’s in Exile is an inclusive faith community that recognises its Christian origins based on the Catholic tradition. Its Spirituality is centred on the sentiments of the Prophet Micah to act justly, to love tenderly and to walk humbly in this world.

The following values are the cornerstone on which the community is built and informed:

Gospel Values

Based on its origins, St Mary’s in Exile community commits itself to the gospel values of justice, love and compassion. The community stands in solidarity with persons and organisations that hold to these principles.

Social Justice

These Gospel Values are the driving force of the social justice program that is so central to the community of St Mary’s in Exile. The community stands as one with all people who are marginalised or vulnerable in our society


St Mary’s In Exile is a broad and open community that welcomes people of all faiths and of no faith. Sexual identity, relationship status, physical ability, national and racial origins are not a consideration in becoming a member of this community.

Collaboration and Power Sharing

Leadership roles within the community are open to both male and female and are seen as positions of service rather than of privilege. The community seeks to be consultative and inclusive in all of its decision deliberations.


The community prides itself on maintaining an intimate and authentic connection between theology, liturgy and ministry. In practice this means our liturgies reflect our commitment to social justice and our rituals commission community members to live a life of love and justice. Given this theological/liturgical understanding and practice we encourage advocacy and support for those who are vulnerable, in need, or unable to speak for themselves.

In Exile

The community recognises its separation from the official Catholic Church and continues to seek mutual common ground that does not compromise the above guiding principles.

Our community is committed to standing with all those who find themselves in some sort of exile in our society - refugees, asylum seekers, all those who have had to flee their homeland, homeless people - in short all those who might in some way be considered by society to be ‘other’.