St. Mary's In Exile gathering at a chapel in Numinbah Valley

Liturgy Times

Weekend Liturgies are held at:
Queensland Trades and Labour Council Building
Level 2, 16 Peel St, South Brisbane.

Liturgies are back at the TLC!
You will need to register via the QLD Check-in App upon arrival.

We are making a slight change to our online Liturgies. They will be coming out on Mondays instead of Fridays so that we can include a recorded live portion of our previous weekend liturgy. We are now able to gather in person so we will be incorporating that dynamic aspect in our recorded liturgies.

Christmas Liturgies 2021

Our wonderful Christmas eve liturgy on 24th December begins with the singing of Christmas Carols at 6pm and the full eucharistic liturgy beginning at 6.30pm. The Christmas Day liturgy will begin at 9am but there will be no 5pm liturgy. There will be no Sunday liturgy on Boxing Day 26th December. 

Start of Year break – 2022

We go on a break from liturgies in the TLC Building over January with no On-line liturgies either. In February we begin our On-Line liturgy but we are unable to return to the TLC Building until 26/27th February. There will be liturgies in various locations away from the TLC Building. Notice of such liturgies will appear in the e-news and on our St Marys In Exile Facebook page. 

Saturday, 6.30pm

Reflective readings from 6pm. A contemplative evening Mass preceded by meditation at 6.10pm. The liturgy commences at 6.30pm and Eucharist is celebrated.

Sunday, 9am

A morning community liturgy attended by many families with younger children who are invited to a end a special liturgy and return prior to our Eucharistic celebration.

Sunday, 5pm

An afternoon liturgy and celebration of Eucharist.