Wednesday, April 8th

Good Friday 2020

By St Mary's in Exile

As we complete our Lenten journey of the seven stages of grief with acceptance and Hope at Easter, there is much to be hopeful about in our mad and strange new world.

We are invited once again to open our eyes to the divine infused and manifest in our world everywhere. Easter invites us once again to let go and surrender into the arms of the divine.

Homilist: Terry Fitzpatrick

Let’s do Coffee after the Liturgy

Missing the post liturgy coffee and chat? No longer! After you finish with the video of the liturgy on Sunday morning go fix yourself a coffee and join in a Zoom meeting. You will need to set up Zoom on your computer.  Google for instructions on how to download Zoom. It’s easy. 

On Sunday morning open your email and you’ll find an invitation to join Zoom. Click on it. 

Our initial ‘Zoom to Coffee’ went well.  Nice to see our old friends. A couple of people offered to host the next meeting so Liz Little will host the 5pm ers  after the liturgy at about 5.30 pm. Heather Eckersley will host one for the Sunday morning people at about 9.30 am after they have enjoyed the liturgy at 9am.

Could you email me  if you would like to be specifically in one of those groups.  If I don’t hear from the ones already on my list I will sort them and email everyone to tell them when they will be contacted. If there are too many for two groups I will host the overflows after 9am liturgy. Let’s keep in touch.