Friday, February 5th

Liturgy, February 7,2021

By St Marys in Exile, Narelle Mullins

The world we live in is a hurried world of schedules and rushing and cramming. There’s almost too much to do and seldom any time to stop. In this week’s Homily, Narelle reminds us that Jesus and his disciples knew something of this. Everywhere they went crowds pressed in on them asking for healing, prayer or wisdom. They were so busy they barely had time to eat, says the scripture.

In the gospel passage, despite their busyness, Jesus and his friends force themselves to STOP. Stopping work for a bit doesn’t mean you don’t care about the work, but it means you allow yourself reflection and rest so you can pay attention to your work and continue doing it with zeal. The Ignatian way works like this. Being a “contemplative in action” means that your active life feeds your contemplative life and your contemplative life feeds your active life.