Friday, April 3rd

Palm Sunday 2020

By St Mary's in Exile

As we continue to reflect on "Rising from the Ashes," today's Palm Sunday homily by Narelle Mullins looks at "Reconstruction"... what it means and how it may take place.

Reconstruction is a process rather than any quick "fix-it" approach and is linked to a  thought in Peter Breen's recent homily of Transitioning to a New World. Creating a culture of trust is offered as the foundation of a genuine process of reconstruction.

Let’s do Coffee after the Liturgy

Missing the post liturgy coffee and chat? 

No longer! After you finish with the video of the liturgy on Sunday morning go fix yourself a coffee and join in a Zoom meeting. You will need to set up Zoom on your computer.  Google for instructions on how to download Zoom. It’s easy. 

On Sunday morning open your email and you’ll find an invitation to join Zoom. Click on it. 

For now just send an email to to register your interest. All who respond will be invited to join the meeting.