Thursday, April 14th

Palm Sunday Liturgy, April 10, 2022

By Narelle Mullins

There is a consistent theme at St Mary’s encouraging us to pay attention and to be present to the moment. In this Palm Sunday Homily, we are encouraged in the daily practice of saying “Hello” to our reality and actually befriending it. Facing reality, being in the midst of life as it presents itself however unwanted at times is at the heart of the spiritual life.

We are challenged also to ponder on what might have been the reality for Jesus in the Palm Sunday story. With war, a rapidly changing climate, a pandemic that won't go away, and the increasing cost of living " let us not be afraid of reality, but let us befriend reality with courage, with truth telling, meaningful conversation and connection."
As St Mary’s Community let us also continue to name our reality as a community of faith, connection and justice.