Tuesday, March 23rd 2021

Easter liturgies – Covid-19 update

By St Mary's in Exile

All our Easter liturgies for 2021 will now be held online

Unfortunately, we will not be able to gather at the TLC Building for our Easter liturgies this year for safety reasons. All our liturgies will be online, so please join us via the Liturgies page or social media.

The West End Uniting Church will not be holding the WAY OF THE CROSS for safety reasons also.



Our Easter homilies wrap up the Lenten journey ' A voice in the Wilderness'. As the brief taste of the homilies below suggest, our online Easter celebrations will be very worthwhile for us all. We can celebrate together even though we are apart and be the strong community we are, as we welcome Easter.

Holy Thursday – Liz Little 

The story of the Lord’s Supper illustrates how Jesus empowered the disciples to take over the ministry. He inspired them to challenge structural and institutional control and take responsibility for creating a better world. We can learn much from this about listening and giving voice and self determination to our own indigenous people.

Good Friday - Terry Fitzpatrick

As Jesus invited his disciples to die to themselves like the grain of wheat in order for new life to emerge, so the majority of Australians are invited into this death.

"At this time in history, non-indigenous Australians are being called to let go of our set views, our tight grip on structures and be truly open to the Voice of the First Peoples and to the transformation of ourselves and our culture."
- Margaret Clifford