Friday, March 17th 2023

St Mary's in Exile Supports A Voice to Parliament

By St Marys in Exile

St Mary's in Exile unambiguously supports an Indigenous Voice to Parliament and stands behind First Nations peoples in their on-going journey for recognition and justice.

For a concise and clear explanation of The Voice to Parliament Referendum process, follow this link:

Click on "Learn about the Voice" for the modules. All free.
It has been set up by From The Heart.

Listen to the recent homily from Anne Browne for more information:

Continuing our Lenten journey, this week reflects on Lent as a call to look clear-sighted at ourselves and our world, including the structures of power and violence in which we are implicated, unwittingly or not. But Lent is not about getting handicapped by guilt, which undermines dialogue and listening, but rather working with others from a place of love towards realising our interconnectedness. This is an ongoing journey. In this context, the homily looks at Voice, what it is, what it isn’t and what it could be.