Friday, March 27th 2020

Taking St Mary's Liturgies Online

By St Marys in Exile

We don't have to be completely isolated from our community. We can come together in a virtual holy space. Let us celebrate our liturgy online. Let us think of each other as we pray, listen and sing at the same time. 

All you need is a computer, iPad or mobile phone to be part of the celebration.

Find the Liturgy for the weekend March 28–29 and click on it to take part.  
You are encouraged to do this at the time you would normally be at the TLC and to set up a sacred space in your home to celebrate in. Light a candle.  Let us be one * in spirit, voice and thought.

Take a photo

Get someone to take a photo or take a selfie of your participation in our liturgy, email it to and we will put some in our bulletins each week.
And please be patient as we work on the best ways of keeping our community connected. We are doing our best. We are starting with a recorded liturgy, but hope to become interactive over the coming weeks.

Keeping St Mary's in Exile afloat

We still have our normal expenses in the community and depend on your donations to weather this viral storm. If you normally put some money on the collection plate you may decide to use the Paypal link below. Or you may like to directly donate to:

St Mary’s Community Ltd
BSB: 064-131
Account: 10339414
Commonwealth Bank

This is the preferred method for contribution as Paypal deduct some of the donation.

Thank you ...we appreciate your gifts! 

You can now click here to donate through Paypal on our website