Monday, September 4th

Father's Day Liturgy, September 3. 2023

By Terry Fitzpatrick

As we celebrate Fathers Day this weekend, Terry invites us all to be Fathers to our planet. If the conventional notion to be a father is to be a protector, provider, teacher, leader, mentor, and encourager, handing on important skills such as confidence, resilience, respect and kindness through love and nurturing discipline to future generations, then surely we are all called to do this to ensure the continuing of life on our precious planet.

Monday, July 10th

NAIDOC Week pt.2 – Liturgy July 9, 2023

By Terry Fitzpatrick

As we come to the end of NAIDOC week we recognise that the First Nations people of this country face a difficult three months as the Australian people prepare to vote in a referendum on whether they will have a voice enshrined in our constitution to government and parliament on matters concerning them. It is important that each of us is aware of the significance that this vote is for the well-being of our country and that each of us do all we can to bring about a positive outcome.

Monday, July 3rd

NAIDOC Week pt.1 – Liturgy July 2, 2023

By Terry Fitzpatrick

This year’s theme for NAIDOC week – FOR OUR ELDERS – acknowledges and highlights the vital role Elders have as cultural knowledge holders, trailblazers, nurturers, advocates, teachers, survivors and leaders. Aboriginal Elders have struggled since colonisation to maintain their land and to retain autonomy and some voice in the management of their affairs. In today’s liturgy we will witness some of the history of the struggles Aboriginal people have had since colonisation to find a voice and be heard and respected as a people.